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Trash/Bulk Item Removal

Please be reminded that no garbage of any kind is allowed to be disposed of into the large dumpster on the right side of the recycling center. Also, keep in mind that ONLY household garbage is allowed in the dumpsters located throughout the community. Homeowners are placing calls to our office reporting illegal dumpers both resident and non-resident that are disposing of items not allowed in any of the dumpsters located throughut the community as well as the recycling center's dumpster. If you witness any such activity, please call the mangement office at 908-852-0440. Take note of the vehicle color, make, model, and license plate as well as the time, date and a brief description of the items they are dumping. Again, please make sure that you are following the Oak HIll rules and regulations for the proper disposal of all items. Thank you for getting involved and your cooperation in making Oak Hill a great place to live in.

If you do have a bulk pick item that you need to dispose of please contact our trash removal company Preimer Disposal at 908-638-0005 and for a small fee you can make arrangements to have your bulk item removed.

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